Smarter Together.

Multibrand e-commerce of smart home devices, smartphones  and smartphone accessories with a physical retail location as pilot project for the development of a franchising network.

The brand was designed to give to Wemobi major edge in increasingly competitive markets. The two elements that constitute the brand, the smile and the handshake, d convey the propensity of the brand to cultivate a truly human relationship with the customer.

We applied the best user experience principles in Wemobi e-commerce web app enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interaction.

Digital Marketing
By marrying offline strengths with digital advantages,we achieved significant sales impact, a higher conversion rate for customer promotional efforts, and a reduction of inventory days on hand.

Video Strategy
For the hero video, we filmed a group of young people around the city in different location while they have fun and share true moments of happiness through their smartphones. Through the reiteration of the pronoun we, which is also part of the brand name, followed by different verbs we aim to transmit the core values of this brand new smartphone company.

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