Thanks to Thingstodo Concierge, travel agencies, hotel facilities and travellers can earn extra money by proposing a wide offer of innovative travel experiences all around the world to their customers and friends. The platform is completely free and offers the highest commission on sales in the Italian market.


Team: Michela Giuffrida, Andrea Anfuso, Luca Distefano, Andrea Carollo

UI/UX Design
The purchase flow is designed to make the user experience extremely easy and intuitive, granting full control of supply, bookings and earned commissions.

Web Development
Thingstodo web platform has been designed and developed to deliver a valuable and memorable user experience throughout the whole selling process. For the interface to be easily usable and navigable, filters and controls are laid out in an intuitive and consistent way.

Video Strategy
Our video strategy is based on the identification of the target viewer with the protagonist of each video: receptionist, traveller and travel agent. Thanks to the talent of the Italian television actress Giulia Fiume each video is both entertaining and informative.

Digital Strategy
Our digital strategy is based on user behaviour analysis and on the way in which they offer experiences to their customers in order to enhance the selling process.