hawaiian poke and other.

Pokay is the first hawaiian inspired restaurant in Catania, serving Poke. Poke is a delicious, healthy raw fish based food from Hawaii, served in a bowl with rice and several different toppings.
Poke is healthy, incredibly tasty and colourful!

Digital Strategy
Facendo leva sul forte impatto visuale delle pietanze, abbiamo destato l’attenzione del pubblico, rivelatasi costante. Per generare conversioni, cioè coperti e richieste di delivery, abbiamo curato campagne estremamente mirate gestendo in maniera reattiva ogni richiesta di messaggio.

Web Development
We developed an extremely colourful user interface to deliver a minimal and coherent user experience through the discovery of basic information about the Restaurant and order customised take-away poke bowls.

Video Strategy
The video strategy for Pokay is strongly focused on the visual impact of ingredients. Through a hero and a hub video we showcased the elements that can be combined in a poke bowl to convey through images the flavor and texture of the dish.

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