Idrovolt is an e-commerce offering a wide range of hydraulic and thermohydraulic products and related electronic components targeted to both end consumers and professionals.
The store stands out for the excellent quality/ price ratio, fast shipping, and customer care.


Team: Michela Giuffrida, Giuseppe Bussolari, Simone Scalia, Luca Distefano, Andrea Carollo

Brand Identity
For ideating Idrovolt’s brand identity, we drew inspiration from 80’s pop culture and, in particular, the concept of Superhero, designing a logotype that draws inspiration from comics. The symbol, on the other side, is completely separated from the logotype and serves both as the icon and visual identity of the mascotte of the brand, a superhero called Idrovolt.

Social Media Management
The social media management strategy was specifically designed to launch a new brand aiming at becoming a point of reference in the market. The very first phase of the project was therefore based on building a network of users through storytelling and on growing brand awareness through video campaigns, in order to generate conversions.

Web Development
The e-commerce has been designed with a minimal and intuitive interface to make easier for the users to search and buy everything they need, whether they are privates or professionals. Each product has its own accurate description and datasheet. The e-commerce is perfectly integrated with the management software in terms of units in stock, products, suppliers, customers, orders, and shipment.

Video Production
The video strategy is focused on communicating the core values of the company, in particular, its efficiency and reliability through dynamic and hilarious commercials.