Asmundo di Gisira

Asmundo di Gisira is an art market living boutique which encompasses the hidden beauty of Sicily, reinforcing it with an unconventional design sensibility. In 2018 it was the title “Best Urban Hotel 2018” by Wallpaper*, the world’s most influential design and style magazine.


Team: Michela Giuffrida, Luca Distefano, Andrea Carollo

Digital Marketing
The strategy aimed to create and convey highly customised contents to make users immerse themselves in the story, culture and tradition of Sicily thanks to this unique venue.

Video Strategy
Our Video Strategy aimed to create highly customized content based on the storytelling of each room. Every theme song was composed to convey the inner nature of each room and every detail was filmed to narrate the related myth or legends on which the room is based.

Incoming Management
Our Incoming Management Strategy aimed at increasing direct bookings from Asmundo di Gisira website. In order to boost the hotel performance and increase returns, we focused on the meaningful channels, minimizing expenses and mitigating risks.