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Acido Lattico,
quality over.

Acido Lattico was founded by four local entrepreneurs who wanted to manage a pizzeria that favored quality and innovation. Today Acido Lattico is one of the best pizzerias in Catania, renowned for making excellent pizzas from the finest and freshest ingredients around the world and in accordance with Neapolitan tradition.

Digital Strategy
Our Digital Strategy for Acido Lattico is focused on the core values of the brand. The goal is to enhance the brand awareness and the brand reputation through storytelling.

Web Development
We developed a one page site designed featuring high resolution photography and a modern dark color scheme. Through the vertical scrolling users can easily discover the menu and the ingredients of Acido Lattico.

Video Strategy

The video strategy offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of Acido Lattico taking the viewer on a journey from the mind of what causes such dedication, and where the passion may have come from.

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